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  • Michael Del Rossi

    Architecture Photographer

As a New York City Architecture and Design Photographer

Having had parents that were professional artists, I was constantly dragged to museums throughout New York City; Guggenheim, Whitney, MOMA. That experience left an indelible mark on the way I see the world.

It wasn't just the modern art, it was the buildings as well. How the light and shadow played across the shapes of those iconic museums.

  • Michael Del Rossi

    Portrait Photographer

As a New York City corporate portrait photographer,

I have a long background in shooting corporate portraits and executive headshots.  My clients over the years have included Phillip Morris, IBM, Pepsi Bottling Co., Universal Music Group .

As a corporate portrait photographer, I am there for you.  Over the years, I have been asked to shoot a variety of styles, ranging from individualistic portraits to the more traditional set ups.

Corporate portraits are part of a company’s most powerful marketing tool.  You and your associates are the face of your company.  Choosing an experienced corporate portrait photographer like myself is an important investment in your overall brand.

  • Michael Del Rossi

    Event & Exhibit Photographer

As an Event and Trade Show Photographer

I have a vast history in shooting all kinds of events; non-profit and corporate.  Being an event photographer is always interesting, informative and often times, pure fun.  As an event photographer, I have shot events for Canon, Samsung, Pepsi Bottling Group, to name a few.

As your event photographer, my goal is to be virtually unnoticeable and inconspicuous so I can capture all the members of you and your event in a natural and comfortable manner.

As an additional service, I offer portraits on-site by setting up a professionally lit photo booth with a background of your choosing.  These portraits can be of individuals or small groups and can have a spontaneous or formal feel to them depending upon your needs.

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